The Rarest Sets is a physical hardcover book of Rare Pepe cards which are displayed in sets rather than by series. All 1,774 cards are included (most in more than one set). Each book will come with proof of ownership in the form of a Counterparty Token (RARESTSETS).

Book Details

  • Cover: 8-1/4″ (20.955 cm) x 10-1/4″ (26.035 cm)
  • Interior Width: 8″ (20.32 cm)
  • Interior Height: 10″ (25.4 cm)
  • Thickness: 2.42″ (6.143 cm)
  • Pages: 797
  • Weight: 5.923 lbs (2.686 kg)
  • Full Color: Yes
  • Table of Contents: Yes
  • Index: Yes

Below you will find some sample pages from the book

This is the complete table of contents. There are 104 different sets of Rare Pepe cards to view
This is the data that is presented for every card.
This is a sample set from the book

This book will be limited to 100 copies.