Book Memetics

I awoke early one morning last week to a notification from Twitter that I had been tagged in a post. Being that this had never happened to me before, I was intrigued to see if it was real or spam. To my wild surprise a complete stranger had taken it upon himself to create a 3D render of pepe in a pepe robe with pepe slippers happily thumbing through a copy of my book, “The Rarest Sets!” And behind him was a bookshelf full of my books. I immediately reached out to psyfrogger to thank him. As we chatted I learned that he wasn’t even an artist. 3D modeling was his hobby and he loves Pepe so he created the image as a fun learning experience.

Since that time, several buyers of the book have created tweets about it, often placing my book(s) in scenes with other Pepe memorabilia. These naturally occurring tweets have begun to bring my book to meme status and I couldn’t be more pleased.

From the account of the artist Robness.
From the account of the artist and musician Rare Scrilla (AKA DJ PEPE).

From the account of the artist Chrome Void.

Telegram posts by user tweetious
Rare Scrilla’s first tweet about the book